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Last Post of the Summer

It’s fledgling time here in the country and just a few days ago I heard a bump as something collided with the screen door. I hoped the bird was okay. I looked around and sure enough, there was a baby bird sitting on the deck. It looked alive and fine, upright and staring. I walked slowly toward it, aware that I must look like a giant monster advancing. As I got close I bent down to scoop it up and put it somewhere safer, like on a tree branch and what did the little thing do? It opened its wide beak, still lined with the markers of yellow, and begged the giant monster for food. “I just got out of my nest and this is the only thing I know how to do,” it seemed to say. And what a lovely, innocent, trusting, chutzpah-like thing it was, too.

This is what I leave you for the summer–what that little veery demonstrated for me: Have faith in life and move forward with confidence.


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