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Adventures in Knitting

It’s November. I’m getting that urge. Must make something with yarn. Must make something with yarn now.

So I dug out a pattern I bought a year ago for felted slippers. I’ve decided that felted projects are best for me. No need to pay close attention to gauge (ugh) or correct mistakes (ditto) since it all gets squished in the wash. I pulled out some nice deep red, cochineal-dyed wool from my stash.

And then it began.

How it always begins.

My adventures in knitting.

First off, I didn’t have the right size needles. So I talked hubby into making a quick trip to Webs (big yarn store with a lovely lounge area for husbands) when we were on the way to a bike race. Got right size needles and a few other sizes. Just in case.

Sat down the next AM with coffee, yarn, pattern, needles. Scootched comfy chair near wood stove. Felt wonderful. Read pattern. Heart sank. Had forgotten about knitting patterns’ delight in incomprehensible acronyms.

“kfb 2 st. yo to end.” WTF?

Told self not to freak out just yet. Start at beginning.

“cast on 36 st.” Knew that one, at least. Wound bright red yard around fingers in half-remembered long-tail cast on. Moved needle amongst them as if playing cats cradle. Realized that I had forgotten how to accomplish long-tail cast on. Put everything down. Got knitting reference book. Followed pictograms. Successfully cast on 36 stitches. Counted them twice. Yay.

Looked at next instruction. “k to end of row.” Breathed sigh of relief. Knew how to knit to end of row. Ha! Must be getting better at this. Next row. “Cast on 2 more st.” Huh? Need two yarn ends to cast on. How do I cast on now? Checked pre-instructions. Oh. “Carry two yarn ends throughout.” Had ignored since it didn’t make sense.

Becoming battle of wills. Pattern will not defeat me. Cleverly “cast” on 2 more st by doing the slip knot thing.

K-ed to end of row. La, la, la.

Stopped. Looked at bright red beginning of felted slippers. Looked at pattern photo of slipper. Slipper on pattern is round. Slipper on needles is flat. Scanned pattern to see where joining is indicated. Pattern mum on subject. Scrunched eyebrows together. Went to get other knitting reference book. Did I need two sets of circular needles to make slipper round?

Stupid, diabolical old-lady-knitting-pattern-writers. No doubt sniggering at thought of young-ish thing trying to read obscure pattern that leaves out essential information.



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