Digging Winter

I don’t know where I got the idea that winter was a quiet, introspective time. If we’re not shoveling paths, we’re raking the roof; if we’re not raking the roof, we’re digging out the generator; if we’re not digging out the generator, we’re filling the bird feeders; if we’re not filling the bird feeders, we’re hauling wood; if we’re not hauling wood, we’re cleaning off cars; if we’re not cleaning off cars, we’re shoveling paths….

I’m way behind in my indoor work; my writing schedule has gone to pot, I haven’t even started on my website; all that yarn I spun is still waiting to be woven off on the loom, and I haven’t even ordered my seeds yet. My upper body strength, however, is flourishing.

Buddy, the Adventure Maltese, is currently not having any adventures because he is confined to running around outside shoveled paths since the snow is twice as high as he is. He makes the best of it, though, galloping back and forth in his white canyons. He’s a plucky one that Buddy.

I’m thinking I’d like to take advantage of all this snow we’ve got and go snowshoeing or cross-country skiing on the pond.

If I can ever carve out some free time.


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  1. When Max was small we lived in Utah and would take him to play in the high country snow. He was so light he could often run across the surface without breaking through while we had to slog along. Occasionally he would break the crust and disappear and we’d have to rush to dig him out. Good times.

  2. Our snow is so light (because it’s been so cold–13 below zero this morning!) that the Budster falls right in. I keep meaning to go for a snowshoe, so he’ll have another trail to follow, but it looks like MORE snow is on the way. Honolulu is looking pretty darn good right now.

  3. I know–poor Buddy! It was 12 below zero when I took that photo, and he was, like, “MOM!”
    AND I’ve decided to try my darndest to keep to my writing schedule–I just don’t feel right otherwise.

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