Waiting for Amaryllis

I’ve been watching my amaryllis grow flower stalks for, jeez, it seems like a month now. They emerged from the awakening bulbs after a month of dormancy and slowly, slowly inched upwards. They are about two feet tall now and the blossom ends are teasing me with the promise of spectacular blooms—someday. Perhaps the sixty degree nights in my house are making them prevaricate. Perhaps I’ve got languid bulbs. Perhaps I am just desperate for the juicy life of spring. But whatever it is and no matter how much I want them to bloom faster, instant gratification in this particular matter is not going to happen. They’ll bloom when they’re ready.

Yesterday I got a letter in the mail. It was a missive from my neighbor responding to a note I had sent her. In my note, I had given her my phone number so she could answer my invitation in a timelier manner. But she chose to write another note back instead. It was wonderful! I felt like I was in Downton Abbey. This languid pace of correspondence rejuvenates me. It gives a body time to reflect, to re-read, to exhale.

So I watch my pokey amaryllis, I re-read the note, brushing my fingers over the paper and I marvel at the civility and space each has created for me in this hurry-up world. The waiting, I find, has a nourishment all its own.

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  1. I know the feeling… Hang in there, it will be rewarding! I grew an amaryllis once, it was beautiful.
    But then… it never came back… I’ve been waiting for 2 years for it to appear again… I put it an a dark place like a website suggested, then I put it back in the sun, but it hasn’t come back… :'( maybe it needs a bigger pot…
    You’ve inspired me to try again! (:

  2. I’ve also been waiting for my amaryllis, but I don’t mind. If they are as beautiful as last year, it will be a welcome splash of color. Winter is wonderful if you allow this slower pace. Your post says it all.. very nice!

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