Tying Up Loose Ends

The Muse tells me it’s time to break for summer, and like the Wife (heads up, husbands) the Muse is always right. To that end, I will be on vacation from my blog until the beginning of September, when, I hope, you will join me again.

To tie up a loose end before I vacate: The Sweater has been completed. The Twenty Year Sweater  Here is a photo.


I know. I never said I was a good knitter, did I?  Check out the oddly puffy sleeves. When I put The Sweater on, I’ve got a weird Shakespeare-in-winter thing going on.

This morning I am going to go outside and paint a watercolor. Even though I have a boatload of books to review and three writing projects awaiting various revisions, I am still going to shove them aside and do a watercolor.  It won’t advance my career or make me money, but. . .

I am the product of two very different people. My mother has, as my dad likes to say, two speeds: slow and stop. But I think he might be envious, since he’s fast and faster. I tend to be more like my dad, until I remember that I’m also part my mom. Once I asked her how she avoided over-doing. She told me that she does three “things”—“things” being chores—per day, and once they are done, she’s off the hook and free to do what she wants. (I believe one of the “things” is making the bed, so you see she’s not unduly stressing herself.)

When I find myself in a muddle of work, I remember her words. Painting a watercolor this morning is going to be more satisfying than disciplining myself through a revision and what’s more, I suspect it will free up other creative areas in my brain, making me more effective when I get back to writing.

If you’re more on the driven side like me, maybe today you can try to do one thing you truly enjoy, for no other reason than that you truly enjoy it–see how it goes.

Until September, then. Have a lovely summer.


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0 thoughts on “Tying Up Loose Ends”

  1. Oh I had forgotten “The Sweater.” I actually think it turned out really cute.
    I’ll miss your posts, Deb. However, I relate and understand. Breaking for summer before I break would be a good idea, but I’m not feeling moved to do that. In stead I’ll try to follow your other lead and find one thing today that I simply enjoy.
    (Aside: I have an interview next week, so wish me luck! The job would be a promotion [when I’ve been willing to take a huge cut]. It’s in Seattle with OSHA. Fingers crossed.)
    Keep in touch once in a while if you can.

  2. When my kids were babies and toddlers I would limit myself to three places (errands) or more accurately they would limit me. After that everyone got cranky and it just wasn’t worth it.

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